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Call Now 806.771.6810

Midland Area  432.250.4062
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Intercom Systems


From enhanced convenience and security in a home to necessary controls and access in business settings, an intercom system will extend the protection of your property, family or employees, and can bring amazing gains in efficiency.


From classic audio intercoms to the modern technology easily available today, there's a great solution for every situation and budget. Whether you're a homeowner, a growing business, or a large, managed enterprise, we can design and install a system perfectly tailored to serve what you need. We have long-term experience in designing and installing intercoms, and carry an impressive assortment of top-of-the-line equipment.


Scalable Solutions

Whether it's identifying visitors at external doors, monitoring rooms, or communicating in different parts of a structure, there's a system to serve each goal.


Security Camera

We design and install systems which span single-owner residences, small and growing businesses, multi-tenant dwellings, and large organizations. We will evaluate your intercom needs, design a system tailored for you, and handle all installation steps, followed by training on how to operate your new system. We are experts at creatively implementing a variety of integrated solutions that give you the convenience, security and control you need.


As always, our services are discreet, professional, and licensed, and you can be assured of top-flight customer service throughout.


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Professional Intercom Systems

We design and install systems for a variety of professional environments, backed by our serious experience serving a variety of fields.

Paging Intercom Systems

From applications for education, medical, building security, emergency response, and law enforcement, we can tailor a system to serve a tiered, interconnected set of objectives. This can include more basic systems which interface with overall security, to segmented subsystems all serving a specific need. We can also assist you with complimentary enhancements to extend an intercom to perform added functions, increasing the value of your system.


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