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Call Now 806.771.6810

Midland Area  432.250.4062
Array of network data cables

Data, Network & Associated Cabling


We offer professionally installed data, telephony and other cabling.


Whether it's a few short-run network cables in an office, wiring for a proprietary telephone system, or a building-wide LAN distribution, we bring a commitment to accuracy and assuring that your new cabling performs as it should. We can also offer our insights when planning for new installations and for following prescribed standards.


Network & Telephone Cabling

Assure optimal performance of your networks with professionally installed cabling.


Security Camera

Texas Homeland Security & Sound is the professional's choice for data and network cabling. We can service projects large and small, with an emphasis on carefully meeting the project's requirements. We can also assist our customers with sometimes bewildering and confusing technical standards while still embracing a customizable approach. You can be assured of precision backed by practical, long-term experience.


We also help troubleshoot and update networks which have developed issues or need upgrading to be standards-compliant.


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Related Cabling Services

In conjunction with our other services, we offer professional sound and video cabling.

Paging Intercom Systems

In addition to data cabling, we have a great deal of experience in installing a variety of different types of cabling, including home theatre and sound systems and intercom systems (and of course, alarm cabling of all types). We are also available for special cabling projects, spanning a variety of applications.


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For IT Project Managers & IT Contractors

Paging Intercom Systems

Texas Homeland Security & Sound is always available to discuss professional cabling solutions during early facilities/network design or planning phases.


We are glad to recommend and help develop specifications, and are always interested in ongoing collaborations. We value the opportunity to work together to the mutual benefit of our customers.


Please accept our professional invitation to contact us to explore the potentials, and we would be glad to receive RFPs and bid solicitations at any time.