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Call Now 806.771.6810

Midland Area  432.250.4062
  • Commercial Fire Alarms
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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems


Practically nothing is more important for your enterprise than an adequate, properly installed and configured fire alarm system.


The damage that can occur from fire is unthinkable (and can often happen much more quickly than many people realize). Protecting your business or organization from fire must be a top priority, from fundamental life safety to asset and property protection. Texas Homeland Security & Sound is licensed by the State of Texas to install fire alarm systems, and we have the professional expertise and long-term experience required for designing and installing these critically important systems.


Full-spectrum Fire Alarm Services

We can help you understand the regulations pertaining to your business or organization, and design a system that protects you.


Security Camera

Whether you are a small and growing retail business, an establishment which must meet specific additional codes (such as day care), or a large enterprise, we can design and install a system suited to your needs. We will evaluate your facilities, design a tailored system, and handle all installation steps, followed by important training.


We can also advise you on any special issues, and help your organization satisfy state regulations and meet various commercial insurance requirements. As always, our services are discreet, professional, and licensed, and you can be assured of top-flight customer service throughout.


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Professional Monitoring Services

With monitoring, there are professionals at the ready to act in your behalf, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Paging Intercom Systems

Reaction time in the event of a fire is crucial, and with professional monitoring, you will know that there will be action the instant your alarm system signals our Monitoring Center. Often required by some insurance carriers, monitoring represents an outstanding value for many other reasons. With our affordable monitoring plans, which feature no long-term contracts, assuring that you are protected is an easy decision. Learn more about our monitoring in general, including wireless/cellular options.


Contact us today to review professional fire alarm monitoring and how it can extend your protection.

For Architects, Project Managers, & Contractors

Paging Intercom Systems

Texas Homeland Security & Sound is always available to discuss commercial fire and business intruder alarm needs during early design or planning phases.


We are glad to recommend and help develop specifications, and are always interested in ongoing collaborations. We value the opportunity to work together to the mutual benefit of our customers.


Please accept our professional invitation to contact us to explore the potentials, and we would be glad to receive RFPs and bid solicitations at any time.