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Call Now 806.771.6810

Midland Area  432.250.4062
  • Access Control Door Hardware
  • Access Control Parking Lot Gate
  • Access Control to Building Entrance

Access Control Systems


Control and regulate access to key areas with a scalable, professional access control system.


We have long-term experience in designing and installing systems of all types, for home owners to businesses to industry and education.


We can discuss the types of available technology and hardware to help you make an informed decision, whether it's one external door, a parking lot gate, or multiple tiered areas inside an office complex. From basic to highly sophisticated systems, you can count on Texas Homeland Security & Sound for everything from planning to installation to orientation and training.


A Full Range Of Options

For business, large organizations, or home, there is a product and strategy to cover your needs.


Security Camera

From the basics of allowing entry to authorized persons, a capable access control system can do much more. Well-designed systems not only reduce the need for on-site security custodians, but can also enable robust control of access (such as setting certain days and/or times of day), provide reports of entry/exit (including who and when), and can even follow preprogrammed black-out periods, locking and unlocking on a schedule.


In addition to the technology itself (which is quite impressive), Texas Homeland Security & Sound has years of experience with these systems. This informs the advice we can offer, and helps us with creative strategies to help produce great solutions to each customer's needs. This type of security is serious business, and we know it's important that you have full confidence in your installed systems.


Contact us today for a free consultation. We'd be glad to confidnetially review your needs.

Access Control System Technology

Access control systems can include a variety of leading-edge technology and equipment solutions.

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The technology available to protect your facilities spans venerable strategies used for decades to amazing cutting-edge systems.


Texas Homeland Security & Sound prides itself on a creative, custom-built approach when designing our customers' systems. While in one case, an integrated centralized system may be a best-of-breed solution, a mixture of technologies may be best for another. From more basic keypads to systems which sophisticated computerized supervision, we can work together to fashion an access plan which meets your goals, on time and on budget.


Contact us today to discuss how a seamlessly-designed solution will serve your security needs.